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Passion Bailey was born and raised in Sacramento Ca. Raised by her mother who cleaned houses, she had a less than privilege childhood. Growing up, her mother shopped at all the local thrift stores where Passion developed her love for books.

Passion used reading and writing as therapy in troubled times. Taking that practice with her into adulthood, in 2012, she created The Crystal Bowl Book Club to spread the joy of reading and to build friendships with others who love books. After participating in several community engagement events and educational workshops focused on literacy, Passion realized how

illiteracy affected her family and it was a major factor in several obstacles during her childhood including poverty.

Passion continues to give back to her community and hopes Hidden Gems Thrift Store will

provide families with opportunities, inspiration and quality items at affordable prices.

Passion is also the CEO and founder of Crystal Bowl Literary Group a not for profit organization, President and founder of Crystal Bowl Book Club, Co-founder and Chief organizer of Nubian Empowered Women, a mentoring program for young girls of color and Books and Brunch, a family literacy program.

She is apart of a network of leaders and organizations that are trailblazers in the community.

Passion successfully organizes and facilities monthly workshops and community service events. She has donated thousands of books to families, communities and organizations.


  • In 2013, Passion joined the Greater Sacramento Urban League Young Professional as secretary elect. Shelead the 2013 Children’s Book Drive with Roger Dickinson and was the co-creator of Reading Day which still exist til this day and is lead by the Greater Sacramento Urban League Young Professionals.

  • In 2014, Passion Joined the Sacramento Black Book Fair as a founding partner/supporter and the chief organizer of the Sacramento Black Book Drive.

  • 2015, Crystal Bowl Book Club partnered with Voice of the youth. Together they have founded and coordinated several community programs.

  • 2016, Passion started Crystal Bowl Literary Group to further her efforts to promote literacy.

  • 2019, Opened thrift store

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Mr. Berry Accius is the Founder and CEO of Voice of the Youth (VOY), a non-profit organization which provides mentorship to youth and adults. Mr. Accius has been guiding and mentoring adolescents of all ages, from the Bay Area to the greater Sacramento area for more than a decade. He is also the Founder of Black BluePrintz, which is an organization dedicated to uplifting and educating Black people through social media, community events and empowering apparel. Mr. Accius is the Co-Owner of Hidden Gems Thrift Store and Seriously Delicious Café formerly the VOY Café. Mr. Accius is routinely sought after to consult on a wide variety of issues including social justice, equity in education, and responding to crime scenes. This is in addition to his ongoing programming addressing literacy, domestic violence, sex trafficking, women empowerment, manhood training and his hands on approach with mentoring and individual youth counseling. His consistency and unapologetic stance has afforded him the positioning of a community leader that can be trusted to speak truth to power and on behalf of the communities he serves. As a motivational speaker he is able to use his platform to impact real change and increase opportunities for lasting growth and community development.

He has aligned himself with other community advocates to help create innovative solutions to world-impacting problems that affect our youth and people in general on a day-to-day basis. This New York native has shared the podium with many fierce leaders like, Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Joy DeGruy, Dr. Boyce Watkins and Former Black Panther Leader, Elaine Brown, David Banner and Dr. Runoko Rashidi. Mr. Accius brings a voice of truth to the youth and the community. He is known for his motivational speaker series and being an activist for social justice and racial equality through his She Could Be My Daughter Community Forums, and Motivating Other Brothas (MOB) workshops. Additionally, he developed and created an impactful summer program for the Meadowview Community following the untimely death of Stephan Clark. Understanding the importance of a healthy body and healthy mind, Mr. Accius has proven to be an asset in educating our youth on what a healthy lifestyle is. Through partnerships within the community, Mr. Accius has established a Simple Healthy Cooking series with the support of the Health Education Council, an Annual College tour to Southern California. Mr. Accius has transformed from victim to victor and he has channeled that power into dedicating his life to ensuing that folks know they too can change their narrative as well.

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